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Solutions for Optimizing the Software Production Process

Software production today faces numerous challenges. The multitude of devices and platforms to support is on the rise. Increasing complexity and interdependancies require active management of numerous risks inherent to such systems.  A key success factor is the efficiency of core development processes along the software life cycle so that project teams can concentrate on their main task: Creating awesome products.

Product cycles are getting shorter, new technologies evolve faster and customer demands are rising. Enterprises implement agile processes to expedite product delivery. Project teams work in parallel, globally distributed together with numerous suppliers, to share the load. To meet these challenges, a production environment must intelligently automate recurring activities, support collaboration, provide transparent insight to development status and its operation must be absolutely robust.

Balsam Enterprise OBS as a central build und release management system fulfills these requirements, easily adaptable to your project specifics and integrated within your production environment.

The following chart shows some of the solutions to typical scenarios BE-OBS provides for optimizing software production processes.

Situation Challenge Solution

A development project

  • implements agile methods
  • is executed by a geographically distributed development team
  • faces increasing integration efforts with rising complexity
  • suffers from delays
  • encounters build breakages obscuring project status 

Project management expects

  • Project acceleration
  • Schedule adherance
  • Current status overviews

Development team desires

  • Shorter build cycle time
  • Less manual intervention
  • Functional baselines

Agile development without continuous integration builds is inconceivable. BE-OBS provides these continually by intelligent rebuild recognition. This reduces build times and due to integrated dependency analysis no manual intervention is necessary.

BE-OBS web interface provides full-depth insight and current overview of project build status in real time. The "release early, release often" principle encouraged by BE-OBS expedites a project's progress and is conducive to schedule adherance.

Device development today characteristically

  • uses newest silicon
  • implements many features
  • has short product cycles
  • is subject to cost pressures

Design decisions include

  • Full-featured operating system
  • Linux for less licensing fees
  • Re-use of software components
  • Software development begins prior to hardware completion

BE-OBS supports both configuring a custom Linux system from scratch as well as adapting an open or commercial distribution on package level. Integrated virtualization technology permits building and testing on emulated hardware, even to processor level of not yet available silicon. BE-OBS can be deployed in virtualized data centers saving expenses for dedicated servers or any additional client hardware.

Parallel application development for multiple targets

  • Multiple Linux flavors
  • Multiple device classes
  • Multiple processor and hardware architectures

Creating, maintaining and synchronizing a rising number of target variants without increasing required effort or cost excessively.

BE-OBS shines at multi-target building and testing from a single code tree out of the box including support for multiple hardware architectures such as x86, PowerPC, ARM and MIPS by optimally scheduling and managing build jobs in a scaleable cluster of build agents run in a virtualized build farm.

Multimedia Devices are full-featured computers

  • complex systems
  • loadable applications
  • Protected drivers and middleware
  • Multi-channel connectivity with many APIs

SW development requires

  • Integration of many software packages
  • Mixture of open source and proprietary software
  • Involving numerous suppliers
  • Stabil system image, but supporting loadable apps

BE-OBS especially proves its strength in mission-critical production environments for development and maintenance of netbooks, smartphones and tablets, smartTVs, in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) and other connected devices. Open source and proprietary software components can be built, tested, released, distributed and maintained in a single central system with BE-OBS. It's multi-client capable authorisation and granular assignment of access rights secure code and the collaboration with partner organizations.

Connected Platforms consist of

  • intelligent devices
  • Connected ecosystem
  • Cloud-based backends
  • crucial operations
  • "Internet of Things"

Reliability and security are the highest assets to sustain in operating IT platforms as they exist in telecommunications, traffic management, media, and others, today and are emerging for eEnergy, eHealth, eMobility, as well.

For uncompromising operational reliability consistency between all software systems is key. BE-OBS as a core system für development, test and release of all system software scales smoothly and supports the full life cycle of all software components through to distribution of validated scurity fixes and enhancements.