Enterprise Services

Enablement, maintenance and support for development efficiency

Mission-critical production environments require IT infrastructure operations to run smoothly with continual up-time. Core systems, such as Balsam Enterprise OBS, must meet highest requirements regarding reliability and security. Our Expert Services facilitate rapid proficiency with BE-OBS and provide for sustained smooth operations. 

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System (BE-OBS) is our productized version of the freely available Open Build Service, hardened and optimized by us for enterprise deployments. As you would expect of a commercial software product, we provide quality-assured BE-OBS releases with regular updates. In addition, our Expert Services fulfill all your installation, configuration and individual adaptation needs, as well as delivering ongoing operations support.

Our approch to OBS productization and service delivery

We stabilize versions of Open Build Service of the openSUSE project who's rolling releases of OBS do not provide for such long-term releases as required for enterprise use. Our derived BE-OBS product releases, however, are hardened and quality-assured with long-term support availability.

To ensure greatest operational reliability required for mission-critical deployments, we perform the necessary decoupling from any uncontrolled influences the upstream development project may be subject to. This approach allows us to provide you with long-term maintenance and sustained support of a trusted code base. We spare you from the significant cost, time and effort an in-house team would require, to continuously adapt and maintain the out-coming rolling releases of your software tools.

Our approach and offering employs the proven and long-standing enterprise business model of Open Source companies such as  SUSE (SLES) and Red Hat (RHEL), in which they adopt deliverables from such open projects as openSUSE and Fedora, respectively, hardening and enhancing them into true sustainable, enterprise-grade products.

Our Enterprise Services Offering

open-slx Expert Services for BE-OBS offer standardized service packages providing predefined deliverables, as well as individual consulting and technical support.

Our range of services includes

Contact us either online, by phone at +49 (0)911 89460330 or by e-mail at be-obs@open-slx.de.