open-slx announces Balsam Enterprise Open Build System
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open-slx announces Balsam Enterprise Open Build System

Efficiently and intelligently automating build and release management in mission-critical production environments to develop and maintain complex Linux system stacks, distributions and applications for cross-target deployment on multiple hardware architectures and system platforms

Nuremberg – November 24, 2011 – Balsam Enterprise OBS (BE-OBS) automates essential build and release management processes along the full life cycle of complex Linux software, from building and packaging, testing and release, through to distribution and maintenance. Custom-built distributions and dedicated, embedded system stacks, along with cross-platform applications and virtual appliances, can be configured online and reproducibly managed with a central BE-OBS system for multiple target platforms and hardware architectures. open-slx delivers Balsam Enterprise OBS as an immediately deployable solution, preconfigured with a reference distribution, and provides comprehensive support for deployment, maintenance and operations.

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System helps reduce time to market of complex software products and the cost of supporting multiple target platforms by automating build and release management processes and lowers associated project risks by providing a fully transparent overview in real time of any projects current status.

„We're pleased to provide our customers with BE-OBS an easy to use and robust build and release management system to develop and maintain applications and systems more efficiently and to better manage large-scale software projects“, states Dr. Stefan Werden, General Manager of open-slx GmbH.

The BE-OBS solution enables adapting complete Linux software stacks and distributions to individual needs and to build, test and distribute for multiple differing deployment scenarios. Applications and software components can be built from a single code tree for numerous common distributions, including Balsam Professional, MeeGo (and Tizen when available), openSUSE/SLES, Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora/RHEL/CentOS, and others.

An exceptional BE-OBS feature is automated compilation of a single, consistent code base for different HW architectures, including 32 and 64 bit x86, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, and others. Utilizing available resources best, BE-OBS load-balanced build agents transparently apply native or cross-compile builds, or utilize virtualization technologies to emulate target build hardware, even facilitating development for targets that might not yet be available. This unlocks unprecedented opportunities especially in embedded application areas such as automotive and in software development for new device classes such as smart phones, tablets and other connected, intelligent systems.

Further, BE-OBS features automatic rebuild recognition with integrated dependency analysis and conflict resolution, and supports various packaging and distribution formats to create multiple installation media or to populate download repositories and app stores.

BE-OBS offers powerful options to configure software products and to map any existing project organization, notably featuring robust authorization and access control schemes, for securely collaborating in geographically dispersed teams or with partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System is based on Open Build Service (OBS), an openSUSE open source project. Leading companies such as SUSE, Dell, Cray and automotive alliance GENIVI internally utilize OBS, likewise large community projects such as openSUSE and MeeGo and its founders Intel, Nokia and the Linux Foundation. open-slx relies on BE-OBS to create and maintain its own product lines and provides businesses with hardened BE-OBS releases as a turnkey solution, sustained by long-term maintenance and support, for deployment in mission-critical production environments.

„Open source projects do not routinely deliver software solutions in the classical sense, even if software programming functions flawlessly”, explains Dr. Stefan Werden, General Manager of open-slx GmbH. „Qualities absent towards a complete solution”, Werden continues, „are defined release cycles and road map, maintenance and support, documentation, consulting, training and the availability of service level based backing”. open-slx extends proven open source projects with its Balsam Enterprise product line and enables businesses to leverage open source in mission-critical operations without deviating from established standards.

Balsam Enterprise OBS, an infrastructure system based on heterogeneous cluster technologies, is delivered by open-slx to businesses as a complete turnkey solution for in-house deployment, operable in virtual data centers for flexible scalability without the need to procure additional dedicated servers. open-slx's BE-OBS support includes a kickstart services package for initial installation and deployment, maintenance subscription for regular updates and security fixes, individual service level agreement for ongoing operations and technical support, and additionally consulting and services for specific requirements and extensions.

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open-slx GmbH markets open source based software products for businesses and end users. In its Balsam Enterprise product line, open-slx provides solutions enabling businesses to optimize their Linux based software development and maintenance, as well as their IT operations, more effectively and cost-efficiently. With Balsam Professional open-slx delivers an easy to install and quality assured Linux distribution, compatible to openSUSE, to end users and provides end users with first-class support by phone and e-mail directly, or online with open-slx's own community platform In tight collaboration with upstream open source projects, open-slx co-develops innovations, currently for instance Plasma Active, a context sensitive, multi-touch UX for new device classes such as Tablet-PCs. open-slx GmbH is a privately held company located in Nuremberg, Germany. More information is available at

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