About open-slx

open-slx is a privately hold company founded in 2009. We have open source expertise since 1992, right from the appearance of Linux. We are experienced in Linux distributions since 1997, while the founder of open-slx essentially co-developed the company S.u.S.E. with its founders.

In 2009, open-slx was founded with the primary initial goal to further develop, maintain, produce and market the openSUSE Box, the successor to the SuSE Professional Box. Furthermore, open-slx established its own support to end-users, enabling them to use and install openSUSE like one would nowadays expect from a modern product.

Meilenstones of our consumer product lineBalsam Professional 12.1 box shot


Motivation for our Balsam Enterprise Offering

While implementing our internal production environment to create and maintain our Balsam Professional products, we experienced that for any mission-critical deployment of the freely available open source Open Build Service (OBS) — as is oftentimes common to open source projects in general — significant in-house adaptation and hardening efforts are required and for any deployment of future OBS developments will repeatedly become necessary.

Early on, our work on innovative software components — for instance for handheld mobile devices — revealed what high complexity level needs to be overcome in developing system and application software for such demanding device classes. A key success factor is a robust infrastructure for continuous integration and building of numerous software packages, their test and release management, through to distribution and ongoing maintenance.

As a product vendor and services partner, we pursue the goal of enabling enterprise clients to profit from our productized OBS, Balsam Enterprise OBS, and our experience with OBS. open-slx initiated 2011 therefore a business line Balsam Enterprise specifically targetting commercial business operations and offers with Balsam Enterprise OBS the probably most powerful build and release management system currently available from the open source community.