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BE-OBS Overview

Linux systems are not subject to any fixed composition. Commonality alone is usage of a Linux-Kernel. Linux based software stacks consist of some hundred up to several thousand individual software packages, assembled according to deployment needs. The major challenge is managing complexity successfully. Compiling a Linux Stack or a distribution is the result of a complex process to integrate development deliverables of many different Open Source projects. The tasks necessary for collaborating with many suppliers are absolutely comparable to industrial production processes.

Software components of each single supplier need to be integrated and quality assured, incorporating also any enhancements and bug fixes. Balsam Enterprise Open Build System is a tool with which this process can be automated to large extent. Therefore BE-OBS facilitates greater productiveness of your development teams as they can better concentrate on core tasks.

Balsam Enterprise OBS enables

  • Configuring complete software stacks for specific needs and for diverse deployment areas
  • Developing for many Linux distributions in parallel, including MeeGo, Balsam Professional, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, and more
  • Supporting different hardware architectures such as x86, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS with a single code base
  • Providing continuously functioning software baselines (continuus integration builds) for ongoing development or rollback, as well as various custom developer builds for different teams such as a plattform, applications, testing, or mainline integration teams
  • Collaborating productively in distributed teams and with multiple integration partners
  • Adhering to transparent, reproducible development processes and compliance guidelines
  • Maintaining one code line for different device classes and chip architectures spending less effort maintaining branches
  • Process-driven integration of enhancements and further developments of an application directly in multiple Linux systems

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System is based on the open source Open Build Service (OBS) of an openSUSE project. Therefore over 15 years of expertize in building comprehensive Linux distributions form the basis of OBS.

Open source projects often do not deliver software products in the traditional sense of conventional commercial software offerings. Missing characteristics mandatory for mission critical deployments therefore frequently are implemented by companies like open-slx. Deliverables of open source projects so refined become applicable for enterprise deployments.

At open-slx we internally rely on an OBS release specially hardened by us to create our Balsam Professional Linux products. SUSE also develops their commercial enterprise Linux products utilizing OBS. The Linux Foundation and its MeeGo project as well as sponsoring companies such as Intel deploy OBS as a standard solution to create dedicated software stacks for connected devices across various hardware platforms.

Professional development, test, distribution and maintenance of complex software systems in mission critical production environments place challenging demands on the OBS system in use. High quality and security, reliability and constant up-time are mandatory. These improvements on basic OBS are exactly what we provide for enterprises with our Balsam Enterprise Open Build System.

With our Enterprise Services we support you in deployment planning, installation and configuration of an in-house OBS instance running within your IT environment. Further, we offer ongoing support for BE-OBS operations and for optimizing your on-site Balsam Enterprise OBS installation.

Read more on BE-OBS functionality and benefits or learn about our services and ongoing support offering.