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BE-OBS Functionality

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System (BE-OBS) is a comprehensive infrastructure solution operating within an heterogenous IT cluster and covering the complete life cycle of software products to automate software build and release management processes.

  • Software development
    • Fully automated build of complex software systems with integrated dependency analysis and automatic rebuild recognition
    • Transparently configurable compilation for different HW architectures (x86, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS) from a single code base
    • Individual configuration of custom software stacks and flexible adaptations of popular Linux distributions
    • Both .rpm and .deb package formats supported
    • Application development in parallel from one code base for multiple Linux distributions
    • Creation of virtual appliances for various cloud computing target platforms
  • Software test and QA
    • Test environment generation with integration of QA and compliance tools
    • Test suite delivery and control of their execution
    • Test image creation and configurable distribution to test systems or emulated test environments
  • Release management
    • Automatic delivery of regularly scheduled (nightly, weekly, or similar) builds, for instance for continuous integration
    • Planing and implementation of controlled release processes for product versions and their updates
    • Encourages the „release early, release often“ principle
    • Reproducible and always repeatable software production results
  • Distribution and deployment
    • Integration of assorted packaging and imaging tools to produce different installation media
    • Validated population of download repositories, app-stores and virtual appliance platforms
  • Operations and Maintenance
    • Generation and deployment of validated updates for system software and applications
    • Configurable interoperability with security, network, and system management solutions
  • Continuous overview of ongoing tasks and results
    • Comprehensive, easy-to-use web access to product structure and project organization for users and administrators
    • Retrieve and administrate build results within the web interface
    • Current view of system status via web access such as packages being built and load on compile agents
    • Extensive command line client for developers to trigger, query and retrieve compile jobs directly
    • Complete API for integrating BE-OBS in any development environment

In addition, BE-OBS offers numerous security provisions and ways in which to configure products, organize projects, as well as to collaborate in dispersed teams, with development partners and to serve multiple clients.

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