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BE-OBS Benefits

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System (BE-OBS) supports you in speeding up your time to market, reduce unnecessary duplicate R&D effort by automating recurring tasks, and to cut costs for supporting multiple target platforms.

  • Constantly current status and fully transparent overview
    • Always current view of your entire project’s overall integration status
    • Graphical overview of all sub-projects and their respective status
    • Automatic supply of latest full builds such as nightly builds for all targets
    • Overall view for which targets a certain package or application builds successfully and on which remaining work is required
  • Increased productivity
    • Automated and standardized processes for recurring tasks
    • Easy configuration of complex systems
    • Fast build, test and release cycles
  • Assured consistency
    • Single code base for multiple target platforms
    • One system for open/free and internal development
    • Smooth sync with external and remote repositories
  • Higher quality
    • Reproducible, transparent processes
    • Automated recurring test runs
    • Validated integration of upstream code
    • Trackable certification processes
  • Tighter collaboration
    • Secure, multi-client capable access control
    • Flexible mapping of your project's organization
    • Integration of dispersed teams and development partners
    • Interoperable with your current tool environment
  • Reliable, scalable operations
    • Proven use in truly major, mission-critical installations
    • Utilized for commercial product development
    • Stable operations by exploiting virtualization technology
    • Fortified security with authorization and access control
  • Universal solution with enterprise support
    • Hardened BE-OBS releases with regular maintenance
    • Smooth installation, configuration and operations start-up
    • Ongoing operations support with service level support
    • One-stop contact at opens-slx for consulting and services

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