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Balsam Enterprise OBS

Automated Build and Release Management for Linux

Balsam Enterprise Open Build System (BE-OBS) is a complete software build and release management solution to automate creating and maintaining custom Linux distributions and dedicated software stacks, applications and virtual appliances.

open-slx delivers Balsam Enterprise OBS preconfigured with a full Linux reference distribution allowing you to begin your development projects immediately. Additionally you can use all popular distributions like MeeGo, Balsam Professional, openSUSE und SLES, Debian und Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat und CentOS, and others, tailoring these for your needs, or you can configure your own custom Linux software stacks. BE-OBS supports many common hardware architectures including x86 32 und 64 Bit, ARM, MIPS und PowerPC, enabling you to create and maintain specialized systems for specific devices or device classes such as tablets, handhelds, SmartTVs, in-vehicle entertainment (IVI) and other embedded applications.

BE-OBS automates key software build and release management processes along the full life cycle of a Linux software stack, from building and packaging, testing and release, to delivery, deployment and maintenance.

Continuous integration with BE-OBS Build and Release Management

Intelligent, scalable and efficient cross-target technology in BE OBS frees your team from the tedious repetitive task of continuously rebuilding applications and, if necessary, also of the underlying Linux distribution consistently. BE OBS supports building and integrating any combination of source and binary packages from your own development output and pulled from remotely distributed repositories. This allows you to adapt and enhance existing code to your needs, integrate your own developments, and in result create and maintain variants in parallel from a single code tree for multiple differing targets.

Scheduled and continuous builds

Build results such as targets and images are appropriately delivered for all required usage scenarios. BE-OBS for example provides developer and staging releases with regularly scheduled and continuous integration builds as well as snapshot and baseline releases for quality assurance including the environment to completely populate test systems.

Multi-channel release management for distribution and maintenance

Released software products can be delivered with BE-OBS to your customers and users on various install media and via multiple distribution channels. Creating versioned data storage media such as DVDs and Live-Images, populating download repositories and app stores, as well as delivery to virtual appliance platforms, are all supported.

To service and maintain deployed software products, BE-OBS distributes package updates, download patches and complete, validated image updates, as desired bootable, self-installing or individually loadable with a menu-based software installer.

Immediate productivity with open-slx's ready-to-go BE-OBS system solution

BE-OBS adapts easily to all usage scenarios in your organization. BE-OBS provides comprehensive options to structure software products and to support your project organization including assigning robust access and authorization rights, allowing you to collaborate in distributed teams and with business partners securely.

open-slx delivers Balsam Enterprise OBS as an immediately deployable system solution populated with reference data (standard Linux distribution) deployed by us on-site. We offer maintenance and support for our BE-OBS releases as well as further customizing services for specific use cases. Balsam Enterprise OBS utilizes technologies of the Open Build Service project and is an open source software product.

We incorporate in BE-OBS our experience in creating standard consumer-oriented Linux distributions. open-slx provides maintenance and security fixes, support and other services for all our Linux products. We use BE-OBS ourselves to distribute such deliverables to our customers and users.